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Abortion According To Research

The abortion pill known as medical abortion

The abortion pill contains Mifepristone (RU 46) which is designed to block a hormone called progesterone naturally produced in the body of the mother which is to stabilise the lining of the uterus. when the RU 46 blocks progesterone, the lining of the uterus breaks down  it results in cutting off the blood supply and the nourishment to the baby.

The effects can be reversed and the baby can be saved if progesterone is administered.

24-4 hours later after taking RU 46, the woman takes misoprostol orally or in the vagina. The combination of the 2 substances cause severe cramping, heavy bleeding and contractions in order to force the dead baby out of his or her mother’s womb.

Usually the mother sits on the toilet in order to flush away her living baby. Some woman can bleed for more than 30 days while some women need to go to the hospital but 9 – 16 days is average bleeding time.

In the event that the abortion pill does not work then the mother may be offered a surgical abortion.

Medical abortion can result in death of the mother, headaches, nausea, abdominalmpain, heavy bleeding, dihorrea or vomiting.

A surgical abortion involves stabbing around in the dark with a long sharp object in the mothers womb and a vacuum


Manual Vacuum aspiration (MVA) abortion method

This is a method whereby the baby is sucked out of the mother’s womb where the baby is consented by his or her mother  (except for forced abortion) to be torn to pieces alive which he or she can feel.


Complications can include

perforation of the uterus

pelvic infection


cervical laceration

incomplete evacuation



Labour induction

This abortion procedure takes a few days.

This procedure is performed at a very late stage of pregnancy when the baby could survive out of the womb if the mother went into labour prematurely. The child is fully formed and has it’s senses. Al large needle is used to inject digoxin which causes fatal cardiac arrest in high doses. The baby feels the needle. The needle pierces the heart

The abortionists targets the fully formed and living baby’s head, heart or torso to pierce with the needle which it can feel in full.

There is a seaweed called laminaria which is inserted into the mothers womb in the form of sticks in order to open up the cervix for still born delivery and on the second day, further laminaria is inserted and another ultrasound may be done to make sure that the fully formed baby is dead.

While the woman is waiting for the laminaria to take effect she goes home and keeps the dead baby inside her for 2 -3 days.

The mother then leaves the abortion organisation and may or may not be able to get back before the dead baby is delivered and therefore may be instructed to let the dead baby drop down the toilet and be flushed into the sewers with the faeces.